Our mission

To design «innovative logistics solutions» in order to optimize costs while reducing the CO2 emissions

1) To reduce logistics cost

Our products versatility allow to adapt to the characteristics of the cargo (vehicles & general merchandise) giving flexibility of loading to the user. With the innovating characteristics of our products we improved the capacity of loading in terms of volume (Cargo Truck) and avoid empty flows (Polyvalent Truck). This means a reduction of transportation cost by using less trucks for the same volumes or improvement of unbalanced flows.

2) To reduce CO2 emissions

Aligned with the EU regulations we look to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions with the improvement of volume capacity and the flows balancing with our products, where we estimate to reduce 1 of every 5 trucks and avoid empty returns in the case of vehicles transportation.

To reduce +20% of CO2 emissions on the 30% of the heavy transport fleet in EU